Eco-Friendly Toys

If you think “green” toys are no more than boring wooden blocks, think again. Eco-friendly toys have become more hip and stylish, and more and more designs are being introduced every day. Here are seven cool toys that are both useful and environmentally friendly.

Eco-friendly shopping is the new cool thing, and toy manufacturers have been quick to pick up the trend. And it’s not just about staying in style—it’s also about getting safe and sustainable products to entertain your kids. Although once associated with poor quality, eco-friendly toys can now hold their own against the mainstream and are in fact enjoying a good market share. Major companies are now me offering “green” toy lines, and several green toy stores have been launched on the internet.

So if you’re still loading your playrooms with plastic join the pack and make the switch to eco-friendly toys. Here are some cool suggestions to help you get started.

Kallisto Stuffed Animals

Kallisto Toys offers a green alternative to the classic plush teddy with its 100% organic stuffed toys. Dragons, sheep, bears, and other cuddly animals come in an organic cotton exterior and a pure sheep wool filling. Made in Germany, these toys are a bit on the high end compared to other stuffed toys in the market. But if you’re looking for the best in quality and comfort, these plushies are the way to go.

ImagiPlay Puzzles

If you think wooden toys are boring, you just might change your mind when you try these wooden puzzles from ImagiPlay. Let your child’s imagination run free as he tries to form zebras, dogs, and other beautiful figures using sturdy natural wood pieces. These puzzles are available in natural finish for a classic decorative look, and in colorful safe paints for a more kid-friendly style.

Bag O' Blocks

This highly imaginative toy from Green Babies puts a nice spin on the traditional building blocks. Made from naturally finished, non-threatened American hardwoods, the Bag O’ Blocks can be built into anything from a native wooden tent to a skyscraper fit for the Manhattan skies. Only your child’s imagination will set the limit. The package also includes an eco-friendly toss-in bag for easy cleanup and storage, making it a great choice for busy parents.

Xeko Trading Card Game

Give your kids an early start on sustainable living with this educational card set from Xeko. The recycled-paper cards teach your kids about the earth, its people, and interesting places from Costa Rica to Madagascar. The cards are also interchangeable, so your kids can trade with their friends and collect their favorite items. The packaging is also really cool—it’s so attractive you can’t even tell it’s 100% recycled!

Sigikid Toys Natural Collection

If the Kallisto plush toys are a bit beyond your means, this cool collection from Sigikid Toys may be just what you need. Made from the same 100% organic cotton and wool, the Natural Collection includes a wide range of designs and may be bought individually or in a pack. They’re also made in Europe and offer the same class and quality as Kallisto toys, but at a more affordable price.

Green Babies Wooden School Bus

Here’s a fine masterpiece that offers the classic, elegant craftsmanship of an heirloom toy and the sturdiness of an everyday wooden toy. The large, spacious bus comes with little wooden passengers that can board and get off as you wish, and a removable lid for easy cleaning. Each naturally finished, polymer-free piece is made from sustainable hardwoods and polished to the highest standards of quality.

Haba Wooden Blocks

These stylish beech wood blocks are a great way to develop your child’s imagination and image-forming skills. The smooth finish makes them very easy to handle, and the stackable pieces can be formed into virtually anything your child can think of. Each block is painted with kid-friendly lead-free paint, so it’s safe enough for everyday play.

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