10 Gift Ideas Under $10

Good toys don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. If you look around a bit, you can find cheap, safe and fun toys that are easy on the pocket. To help you get started, here are ten really cool toys that go for under $10.

Parents tend to go overboard on toys and games for their kids. While there’s nothing wrong with spoiling your kids once in a while, much of it is unnecessary spending—why spend $200 on a toy that will be outgrown in less than a year? There are lots of excellent toys out there that are easier on the pocket. Here are ten cool gifts you can get for less than $10.

1. ABC’s Tub Stickers ($4.99)

Turn your child’s bath tub into a fun learning area with these colorful letter stickers from Alex Toys. Soft and waterproof, they stick to the tub walls when they’re wet and can be removed after the bath.

2. Play-Doh Fun Bucket ($9.99)

Unleash your child’s creativity with this classic clay set from Play-Doh. The Birthday Play Set comes with 5 cans of clay (total 21 oz.), 9 plastic molds, scissors, cutters, cutter rings, and a range of other accessories.

3. 3-D Planets in a Tube ($5.99)

Decorate your child’s room with this glow-in-the dark model of the solar system. It comes with eight miniature planets in a handy plastic tube, as well as 25m of string and adhesive putty for hanging them from the ceiling.

4. Uncle Milton Rumble Bugs ($9.99)

Designed after real-life beetles, these beetles from Uncle Milton offer action-packed entertainment while battling it out on a fake but realistic log. Package includes two wind-up bugs with hinged wings and a plastic log. 

5. Balloon Animals ($9.99)

Every kid loves balloons, and this DIY set from Schylling makes an ideal gift for the curious, playful child. It comes with 20 pre-tied balloons, a balloon pump, and a clear, illustrated instruction book.

6. Folkmanis Finger Puppets ($5.99)

This series of plush finger puppets is the perfect gift for the cranky toddler. Made of soft, realistic fur, these puppets bend to follow your finger and move just like the real thing. The Mouse and Fox puppets are bestsellers.

7. Mr Potato Head ($7.99)

Who wouldn’t love this classic toy from the 1950s? Mr Potato Head is a great way for kids to learn basic shapes and body parts. Pair it with a Mrs Potato Head (complete with earrings and a handbag) for even more matching fun!

8. Papo Treasure Chest ($4.99)

The expertly detailed, hand-painted Treasure Chest turns history lessons into a fun activity for your kids. Get it with Papo pirate figures and watch your kids make up their own stories and adventures!

9. Disney Princess Checkers/Tic-Tac-Toe Combo ($9.99)

This exquisite play set from Disney adds a new spin on two classic children’s games. Using real Disney figurines as game pieces, your kids can enjoy their favorite games while getting to know classic Disnet characters. You can even get princess tiaras to crown the winning princess!

10. Die Cast Supersonic Jet ($5.99)

If your kids are too young for RC planes, these die-cast jets from Schylling offer a great, toddler-friendly alternative. Pull-back motors make operation a breeze, and the sturdy construction puts it a notch higher than those cheap plastic toy places.

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